APR 13, 2016

    ALLONE ioRAM3 Log Device fully hardware RAMDISK, contains four sets of DDR3 memory, the processor does not have to use computing power, and without sacrificing server or memory capacity of the computer, while data can be long-term retention. In addition to providing a stable cache performance, it is more multi-pronged insurance mechanisms such as: RAID information storage methods, hardware detection mechanism, multiple information backup mechanism, not afraid of power loss of data for random, intensive and large number of small files to read and write applications .

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    FEB 03, 2015

    ALLONE, an innovator in IC design and storage solutions, announces a new design accelerator that speeds up small blocks of high write intensive workload. The MARK 1 RAMDISK family combines the features of DRAM based storage solutions with up to 16GB ECC SODIMM. It enables the feature of CPU enhancement, system responsiveness, I/O throughput and safeguard network traffic for both commercial and high-end market applications.

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  • 2014 Golden Peak Award of Outstanding Enterprises of the Year In Taiwan

    AUG 01, 2014

    Allone Solution Has Success in the Outstanding Enterprise Category at the 16th Annual Golden Peak Awards.

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  • THE SSD REVIEW : ALLONE Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk Review (32GB) – 500K IOPS of DDR3 Storage

    JUL 21, 2014

    The ALLONE Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk is not your normal SSD, in fact, it really isn't an SSD at all. Technically speaking, it is a battery backed, PCIe-based RAM disk. RAM disks are nothing new. They have been around as long as we can remember.

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  • Allone Cloud Disk 101 RAMDisk - Unboxing Introduction

    JUL 11, 2014

    Trouffman get his hands on the Allone Cloud disk. This PCI-E Ramdisk is not a drive for Mr everyone. Costing nearly 15 000USD this is a product for only those that really need extremely fast random IOs.

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  • Tek Syndicate Computex Interview with ALLONE

    JUN 18, 2014

    We check out some very crazy stuff in this video. Intel has a lot of slim, fast devices on the horizon. Also, some of these storage options are worth a look.

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  • Custom PC Review: Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk Pulls 500,000 IOPS

    JUN 08, 2014

    While storage performance have increased by leaps and bounds with the popularization of SSD technology, volatile memory (DRAM) is still the champ when it comes to raw performance. Unfortunately, with volatile memory being volatile in nature, it's not a very effective data storage medium if all data gets lost the moment power goes out.

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  • The SSD Review - Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 Reaches Half Mil IOPS

    JUN 03, 2014

    A bit of a gem that we got our mitts on for testing back at the office this year at Computex is the new Cloud Disk Drive 101 IOI RamDisk. Taking a close look at this device, you just may notice, not only Kingston laptop memory modules, but also 3 SD card slots.

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