Mark 1 RAMDisk

Allows Greater Productivity at a Lower Cost and Enables Cloud Compromise ECC DIMM

MARK 1 RAMDISK is a DRAM based RAMDisk with capacity of 16GB, targeting small blocks random access intensive transaction markets, delivering 500,000 IOPS with sub-microsecond latency at 512 byte. The ALLONE Ramdisk Mark I is built with ALLONE’S exclusive controller, and meets user demands to realize complete storage solutions with performance, endurance and a green society. This drive can satisfy multiple roles and choices due to an ability to be connected as a device.They are also designed for customer-programmability to fulfill all types of different scenarios.


‧ Support up to 16GB ECC SODIMM
‧ Auto backup and restore for customization design
‧ High IOPS: 500,000 IOPS at 512 byte (random read)
‧ Backup & Restore: Support up to 24GB Micro SD cards with RAID 5 instant recovery protection
‧ Low Latency: 16.5 μs
‧ Low Power Consumption : Active 5.3W / Idle 4.7W
‧ Low Noise : Fanless solution
‧ Low Thermal Emitting : Surface temperature of controller 40°C to 45°C at full loading


Exclusive Chip Technology

M5338 high end storage solution
Innovation research project of 2013 Ministry of Economic Affairs, SBIR
Professional customized technology




I/O Low Latency

Achieve lowest latency
High random read/write performance
Accurate database I/O processing




Improve Efficiency

High IOPS efficiency and stable bandwidth
Optimal CPU utilization with low power consumption
Scalable high performance on random read/write



Low Operating Temperature/Low Power Consumption

Controller around 40°C - 45°C
Active 5.3W / Idle 4.7W




No Working Noise