1. • Application Process for Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) If you wish to return ALLONE products for repair, a returned merchandise authorization(RMA) code must first be assigned before returning products. Please apply for an RMA number according to the process below.

  2. Service Type

    Service Type From the shipping date Freight Charge Repair Fee Charge TAT
    DOA 30 days ALLONE Free 7 days
    In-Warranty 12 months • Return by Customer • Returned by ALLONE Free 14 days, or as advised 1.2
    Out-of-Warranty Over 12 months Customer repair charge + material cost Case by case

    1 DOA (Dead-on-Arrival) Process

    If a unit fails to function upon delivery, the customer must contact Sales Personnel promptly who should contact a Quality Support Engineer to determine the fault. If the problem cannot be resolved by phone, the customer must return the unit promptly under the RMA process. ALLONE will make every effort to expedite the repair of DOA units, and pay 2 way shipping costs. A product replacement will only be shipped within the first 30 days of unit purchase, and if the product was purchased directly from ALLONE. The return unit must not be damaged, altered or marked in any way, and include all parts and accessories as originally shipped, together with proof of purchase. Returns that do not meet these conditions may be rejected or subject to additional restocking charges as determined by the company Customer Service Center. Damaged products will not be accepted. The amount of time required to provide a replacement unit shall depend upon product availability, although all effort will be made to expedite speedily. The defective product must be shipped to the ALLONE Customer Service Center, for testing which will be done within 7 working days.

    2 In-Warranty RMA Process
    During the warranty period, ALLONE agrees to service and provide all parts and labor necessary to repair or replace the warranted product to its proper operating condition consistent with company product specifications. Repair or replacement parts and products will be furnished on an exchange basis and will be new or reconditioned, as agreed between both parties. Customers will pay the cost of shipping a defective product to the Service Center; ALLONE will cover the cost of return shipments. All returns from customers must be supported by an ALLONE RMA (Return Material Authorization) number; the customer is responsible for packaging and shipping the product to ALLONE RMA Service Site. The RMA number is void after 7 days, and must be clearly marked on the exterior of the original shipping container or equivalent. ALLONE will not be responsible for any delays in the repair time if the material is not returned with a clearly visible, valid RMA number. In the case of an expedited shipping request, a service charge shall be assessed with the customer responsible to meet the shipping charge.

    • Customers should enclose the "ALLONE RMA Service Form" with the returned products.
    • Customers are required to provide all information relating to the problem on the “RMA Service Form” when applying for RMA service; this will assist in helping to correct the problem, including the fault description, on-screen messages, and pictures where possible.
    • Customers can return faulty product with or without accessories, but ALLONE will not be responsible for parts which are not listed on the return form.
    • Customers are responsible to ensure that packaging of defective products is durable enough to be resistant against any further damage due to transportation; damage caused by transportation is treated as “Out of Warranty “ under Warranty specifications.
    • For RMA product(s) returned to ALLONE's Customer Service Center, the customer is responsible for paying any extra shipping charges, duties, and taxes for this shipment.

    3 Out-of-Warranty RMA Process
    Before an RMA number is provided; all out of warranty units must have a Purchase Order to cover labor cost. After discussion, Customers shall receive a quotation for repairs prior to any PO being issued. The product will be processed as Out of Warranty if:

    • The product has been found to be defective after expiration of the warranty period.
    • Physical damage of the product caused by the user.
    • Improper or inadequate maintenance or modification by the customer.
    • Missing or broken parts or components.
    • Missing or broken serial number label.
    • Foreign objects inside the product Software, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by ALLONE.
    • Operation out of the product specifications.

    If a product has been repaired by ALLONE, and within 90 days after the initial repair, the product requires further repair of the same problem, The company will repair the failure free of charge provided no neglect by the customer has taken place. In addition, such free repair will not apply to a product which has been subjected to misuse, abuse and any unauthorized repair. While ALLONE will do everything possible to repair out of warranty units, the repair service may be limited due to technical problems and/or availability of spare parts.


    1Product Warranty Period
    ALLONE builds Products to industry standards. For parts built by ALLONE, excluding battery, the warranty period will be 3 years. Battery has a 1-year warranty. The warranty policy for ODM products shall be defined individually within the policy agreed.

    2Turn-Around-Time (TAT)
    Upon the receipt of returned goods, ALLONE should complete all RMA and return to customers within 2 calendar weeks wherever possible. Customers must be advised promptly with an explanation when this timescale cannot be met.
    Product Repairing

    1ALLONE will repair defective products covered under this warranty that are returned to ALLONE; if products do prove to be defective, they will be repaired during their warranty period unless other warranty terms have been specified.

    ALLONE owns all parts removed, and retained from repaired products.

    ALLONE will use parts made by various manufacturers in performing the repair.

    The repaired products will be warranted subjected to the original warranty coverage period only.

    ALLONE will issue an RMA Report which will include Repair Detailed Information to the customer when the defective products are repaired and returned.

    Product End of Support

    Any product being discontinued will be announced as EOL (End of Life) and identified on any price list for at least six months prior to discontinuation. On the last buy day, discontinued products will be removed from the price list and will no longer be available for purchase unless specifically agreed. Product Support, however, will last until the day of EOS (End of Support) which is the last Shipment Day of EOL product plus the product Warranty Period. The product support and warranty for the Last-buy discontinued product will be agreed until the warranty period has expired, and the EOS Day of the product. Before the EOS Day, ALLONE will continue to investigate, troubleshoot, and characterize issues in an attempt to provide solutions and workarounds for these products; when a product reaches EOS Day, ALLONE will only provide limited support on a best effort basis. ALLONE reserves the right to charge for any requested support/service of an EOS product. In addition, ALLONE reserves the right to reduce service available for any renewal on an EOL product under this policy at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice.

    RMA Process

    • Application Process for Return Merchandise Authorization

    If you would like to return your ALLONE products for repair, a returned merchandise authorization(RMA) code must first be assigned to you before you can return your products to ALLONE. Please apply for an RMA number according to the process below.