Cloud Disk Drive Desktop/Tower Chassis

Pro Random Read/Write Performance

Cloud Disk Drive Desktop/Tower Chassis empowers creative production which supports up to 96GB DRAM capacity. Providing quick and simple expansion for PCI-Express Gen2 design suits individual demands. It is flexible and easy setting to complete faster projects with ease. The ventilation design ensures users of highly efficient heat dissipation and low temperature of high-performance cards running inside.


‧ Extremely high performance with PCIe 2.0 x8 host connectivity
‧ Instant restore/backup to keep data safer and complete
‧ Capable of up to 3 slots for a single-slot PCIe card
‧ Highly cost effective solutions to expand I/O capabilities
‧ Reliability with zero response times to increase competitive advantage
‧ Environmental monitoring with power/fan/temp LEDs and mutable buzzer alarm
‧ Solid metal structure with stylish aluminum housing