Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk Storage Turbo

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500,000 IOPS Robust Processing in Piecemeal Data Storage Capabilities

Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk with its high speed via PCI Express Gen1 x4 bus interface. DRAM based which is the best hit on sequential/random read/write abilities. Use the fast peripheral interconnect standard that enhance the highest transmission speed and stable qualities.


SSD used software mode to define storage which will cause CPU consumption overloads. The bottleneck is still stuck in the hardware.
Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk focus on the segment data and has superior high random performances. Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk not only accelerate the computing capabilities but also heighten the stability.

In the long run, timely response is the critical point to effective patch management, with the security and stability considerations which mean a lot to connect the opportune maintenance building operating costs.

Testing also proved that, Allone Cloud Disk Drive 101 RAMDisk not only demonstrates prominent performance in the sequential read/write testing but also performs splendid on random read/write beautifully. With the high quality superior stable enhancement, it surely increases the maintenance of convenience on the features.

Faster Processing with High Speed

ALLONE Cloud Disk Drive 101 is a DRAM based RAMDISK with exclusive controller technology, the best on sequential/random read/write capability. It is designed for critical operations where high speed data access, data analysis, super high IOPS, backup and data reliability are required, simply plug and play with minimum effort to maximize the performance, stability and efficiency of an existing storage solution.


‧ High IOPS : 500,000 IOPS at 512 byte (random read)
‧ Backup & Restore : 48GB Micro SD cards which offer RAID 5 instant recovery protection
‧ Low Latency : 16.5us
‧ Low Power Consumption : Active 7.2W / Idle 5.8W
‧ Low Noise : Fanless solution
‧ Low Thermal Emitting : Surface temperature of controller 40°C to 45°C at full loading


Exclusive Chip Technology

M5338 high end storage solution
Innovation research project of 2013 Ministry of Economic Affairs, SBIR
Professional customized technology




I/O Low Latency

Achieve lowest latency
High random read/write performance
Accurate database I/O processing




Improve Efficiency

High IOPS efficiency and stable bandwidth
Optimal CPU utilization with low power consumption
Scalable high performance on random read/write



Unique Backup / Restore Function

6 pcs of Micro SD card to rebuild backup solution for data retention
Smartest battery designs for emergency electricity




Low Operating Temperature/Low Power Consumption

Controller around 40°C - 45°C
Active 7.2W / Idle 5.8W




No Working Noise